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Acceptable Use Policy


An acceptable use policy is a means to ensure our ability to deliver a quality service to all our customers. It provides a guide to customers as to what activities are not allowed when using the service. These policies are in place for several reasons:

  • to ensure compliance with the law, both from the customer and from Foundation IT;

  • to ensure no customers abuse the service in a way that is detrimental to other customers;

  • to ensure that Foundation IT is able to provide the service without interruption or detriment from customers.

If customers act responsibly when using the service and follow these simple policy guidelines, this will ensure Foundation IT is able to provide the best service possible for all our customers.


You must only use this service in a responsible manner

You must not use this service, or allow anyone else to use this service:

  • to breach any laws;
  • for an illegal, malicious, fraudulent or improper purpose;
  • to knowingly distribute any computer virus, worm, trojan, denial of service attack or other harmful computer program;
  • to damage or attempt to obtain unlawful access to another computer system;
  • to store, publish or transmit any information that is confidential, obscene, offensive, defamatory, abusive or breaches any criminal or civil law or regulation;
  • to infringe copyright, trademark or any other intellectual property rights;
  • to, in any way, interfere or disrupt the operation of the service or its availability to other users; or
  • to impersonate another person.

Foundation IT may ban sites that it believes may lead to attempted breaches of this AUP. You agree to be bound by that administrative policy which is at the discretion of the Foundation IT administrators.


You must not use this service, or allow anyone else to use this service, in relation to email:

  • to communicate unsolicited bulk and/or commercial mail or “spam”;
  • to send large or numerous emails that are likely to adversely affect the functionality of any computer system or service; or
  • to disguise or forge the origin of the sender;


Foundation IT may, but does not at all times, monitor the service for the purpose of determining if there has been a breach of this Acceptable Use Policy. Foundation IT is not responsible for any information or content that is accessed or disseminated through its service. However, if Foundation IT becomes aware, or believes on reasonable grounds, that the customer is in breach of this policy, Foundation IT reserves the right to:

  • suspend or terminate the customer’s service;
  • refuse the customer access to the service in the future;
  • delete or remove any data stored or hosted on the service;
  • inform any appropriate authority of any suspected illegal activity or conduct carried out using the service;
  • cooperate with any Commonwealth, State or Territory authority investigating criminal activity carried out on or using the service.

Change of Policy

Foundation IT reserves the right to amend or change the Acceptable Use Policy at any time by providing 14 days notice to all customers (except in the case of download or data restrictions, whereby 90 days notice must be given



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